College | YA + Faith: MeetUp Team
Wanted - Launching 2021

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Image by Jarritos Mexican Soda
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We want a young adult and college team

of leaders who have a heart to relate, help and inspire Gen Zers dealing with physical, emotional, spiritual, and social issues to lead our future generation and build a platform with us.

God's voice. Your voice & space.

Spiritual balance.

Right now. Right here. Virtually.

If you are interested in volunteering & bringing fresh support to others dealing with chronic illnesses we want to

hear from you.

Deadline October 21, 2021.

Use the button to apply.


 Click the " I want to be on this team button."

Answer these questions in your email. Attach any photos or videos.

 Acceptances will be announced as applicants qualify.

1. Tell us why you want to be on a team of youth leaders?

2. Which young adult or college based issues matter to you?

3. Where do you serve, volunteer, or help out? 

4. How do you use your faith?

This will give you:

Community service hours | Supervisory Management

Organizational Management | Building our Social media platforms

Professional skills | Public speaking 

Internship Opportunity | Team Building