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We are a branch of Juicy Fruits Ministry 501(c)(3). We are an entire community of support, compassion, and help for individuals and families with long-term medical conditions. We appreciate any donation so we can help members who are a part of our community via our online support groups, neighbors, and those living with medical conditions. We provide relief and hope with assistance to improve the lives of the chronically ill through support groups, pastoral services, and essential needs.


                                      4 Ways to Support our Community:

Donate by clicking here for Giving Tuesday.

Our goal is to assist 100+ families & individuals struggling with chronic illnesses and their caregivers. With your help, we can exceed our goal! Share our goal with others. Please feel free to give one-time, monthly, or leave a legacy gift. Give any amount on our secure site. 100% tax-deductible. Here are a few more ways you can give back by shopping with a cause:

Click here for a copy of "Faith Leads The Way," Yvette's inspiring faith-based memoir. Shop Amazon Smile & Support Us. Select Juicy Fruits Ministry as your charity on Amazon Smile.

Pray for Us: We can use your continued prayers to increase our resources for giving. Our heart is to help all those who apply for assistance, through our Acts of Love award. The need is compounded for people battling illness & the continued rising costs of necessities. 

             Thank you for your generosity in giving and choosing to support our community!

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