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Spiritual Medicine:

Biblical Inspiration for Life

Founded by Author Yvette Salinas, "Faith Leads the Way".

We have open arms to those longing for a space to express their faith and love of Christ

as they manage, navigate and cope with chronic illnesses.

Jesus heals.


We boldly encourage you to ask for prayer and support. We're a faith based community that is a part of Juicy Fruits Ministry. We offer support filled with love, hope, and resources for chronically ill  patients whether they are families or individuals, caregivers and friends.

Come and be a part of this thriving and hope-filled community.

Only love. All God and Jesus leading us. No bullying or discrimination accepted.


Touching Lives at Spiritual Medicine

Our Community

Purpose and Culture

We welcome you and your family to be involved in the journey of faith, hope, healing and fun.

We seek ways that'll bring us together and inspire us because our path is difficult and unpredictable

as we cope with the realities of living with chronic conditions.

We are patients, volunteers and followers of Christ coming together to help.

Spiritual Medicine, Founder/Author Yvette has a long, proud history of meeting the needs of the

community by giving away school supplies, providing medical expenses, giving gifts during the

holidays, and providing everyday essentials. Our heart is to support those with spiritual, mental,

and real life needs. See our give section.

We strive to have a community filled with care, unity and warm experiences. We are free of any discrimination,

hate, bullying, arguments or harassment. No stigmas. We reserve this right to ask anyone who violates our conduct

code to leave or will be blocked from zoom meetings, events, or related activities.

If you'd like to reach us please use our Get in Touch button.

Collecting Donations

Message from us...

Support, Listening, & Sharing is Here!

Faith Support Gatherings

Bible Based Chronic Illness Group

Every month we gather via Zoom to discuss relevant topic's, share God, and our experiences good, blah, or difficult. All love. All compassion. No shaming.

How does our faith gives us hope, strength and comfort as we walk with God?

What lessons transformed you? We will be transparent to discuss our difficulties. 

In our weakness we become stronger. 
We invite you to share this time with us. RSVP required for Zoom link. 

(Dates subject to change, but we'll let you know).

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Month in May and Annually.

Spiritual Medicine's

May 22: Conversation about Medical Trauma
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We are living with experiences that may be shocking, overwhelming, filled with anxiety, numbness, and more which might induce trauma to our systems. We need help. Medical trauma is a form of mental health that can be identified and treated. Support is here.
May 22, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Private Zoom
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Support Groups


We are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary! Spiritual Medicine's so humbled to be here for you. Your presence via emails, texts, phone calls, and our community zoom groups via Gratitude of Praise and Spiritual Medicine bring us happy tears. God loves you. We do too!

We are here for you spiritually, emotionally, and financially. 100 cents on every dollar donated for essential needs goes directly to fulfill your needs submitted through our "Acts of Love" grant, year round. We appreciate you choosing JFM/Spiritual Medicine for your life.

join us!

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Watch a Glimpse of Gratitude of Praise

Gratitude of Praise

Why Praise Matters

 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”

(Psalm 150:6)


Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me,

bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and

forget not all His benefits. (Psalm 103:1-2)

We offer the sacrifice of praise, gratitude, testimonies as  worship in this support space . This is a time to gather and share what we're grateful for in our lives.

We recognize and thank God, our lives, and those

who impact our lives.

It is hard to be grateful or feel like praising God when you are going through so much pain, disappointment, devastation, and loss?

Let's be honest. We are human.

To lift the heaviness we praise, we acknowledge

God's wonder and surrender to Him.

It isn't always easy, yet He's with us.


"Praise ye The Lord. All I want to do is praise ye The Lord. You've been so good to me so I praise ye the Lord and lift you up and praise your name."  Partial chorus in Praise Ye the Lord by Leon Patillo.

Spiritual Medicine gives you a variety of ways you can feel comfortable to express yourself without limitations. 

Conversation about
Gratitude of Praise

Listen to Yvette and Pastor Larry share what this incredible support of gratitude is all about!

New Date To Be Announced

Need help?

Apply for our Act of Love Award.

Spiritual Medicine is a program within Juicy Fruits Ministry 501(c)(3). Our goal is to assist you with related needs for daily essentials, groceries, medical needs,

back to school, personal requests, durable medical equipment, family events such as weddings

and funerals, and more with limits. The Pandemic has created an abundance of needs along with epic unemployment. It has been reported that women are leaving the workforce to provide daycare for their children. Heart breaking.


Spiritual Medicine is able to offer financial support through the generous gifts of our partners. We pray

and depend on their giving which allows us to meet approved requests.  Requests are subject to change or denial based on the availability of charitable donations.

Please share your needs or request for resources privately. We will pray and be in touch to discuss how

we might be able to assist you or refer you to outside resources. Please allow 2 - 8 weeks for processing.

Heart Graffiti

Prayer Request

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    "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them". Matthew 18:20

God calls us to have the heart of a child with reliance, trust and unlimited faith in Him. We at Spiritual Medicine are here to unite in intercessory prayer with you based on your prayer requests. Prayer is intimate, powerful and our love language of talking to God.

The Bible is filled with numerous types of prayers. However, the unifying thread in prayer is coming to God through Jesus Christ, affirming our spiritual practice, and seeking God's presence, thanksgiving, love, petitions, reflection, sanctification and more. 

We will partner with you in confidential prayer. We'd also like to rejoice with you in praise as God answers. 


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” — Matthew 11:28

Please note we know God is the Great Physician.

In the Garden of Eden He conducted the first surgery, removing a rib from Adam to form Eve. Luke, the physician and companion to Paul wrote both the Gospel of Luke

and the book of Acts. God uses our medical doctors, nurses, and specialist to bring healing treatments to our lives.

We encourage you to always seek medical care and follow the advice of your doctors. Prayer is a spiritual tool, but not a substitute for medical treatment. We are not professionals.

Liz's vulnerability to share her experience with seizures resulting from brain cancer

in a blog offers support and hope to help others is shared here listen in.

Spiritual Medicine like Liz is reimagining what support groups are today.

As we fight illnesses please email us or come to our groups for support that matters.

We are walking this path together at Spiritual Medicine.

We want you to know we are here for you & yours. 

Image by Omar Lopez

Need e-support or have a question?

Connect with us right here or email:

Leadership Team

 Leadership Team